Hidden Edge Tiles

Our Hidden Tile range is intended for the commercial office, retail and home markets. Manufactured in a smaller size (333x333mm) these tiles are ideal for the more varied shapes and sizes of rooms rather than large factory areas.

It still features our interlock installation system, however thanks to it’s clever design it hides the ‘Jigsaw’ locks providing a conventional ‘grouted’ finish.

By taking a Mix and Match approach to the installation of the tiles, it is possible to achieve some unique looking designs - this combined with the glue less installation makes these tile particularly suited to the exhibition market where a display stand may be being taken down and reused at the next conference or show.



A modern looking small raised dimple finish with a flat sunken edge to provide a clean grout line look.



Slate Effect

A textured slate effect tile, particularly effective when seen in Terracotta, Dark grey and Silver colours


Used by an exhibition company for a major motorcycle manufacturer, the use of varying colours an patterns helped to generate a striking look for this exhibition stand.

This stand was then packed up and the floor reused for several more exhibitions.

An example of the slate finish tiles in dark grey installed in a domestic kitchen.

It gives the classic look of slate tiles, but with a soft and warm feel under foot.

Other advantages are no risk of cracking or chipping, no grout to replace, no need to level the floor and simple to clean and maintain.


Here the slate tiles are seen in a terracotta colour installed in a retail shop.

The noise absorbing properties of the tiles help to keep the ‘echo’ found with a normal hard floor to a minimum, whilst providing a readily cleanable surface which is pleasant under foot.


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